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The ultimate guide to the mysterious, the magical and the supernatural. Over entries, together with 26 mini-features. Discover magical and sacred uses of the crystals, minerals and rocks that make up your part of the world. The magic, religion and spirituality of the ancient Egyptians can still teach us how to live today in both earthly and cosmic harmony. Let's walk through the fields and along the hedgerow together and discover Nature as she moves through the year. Why go to the bother of cursing, when a bottling or binding can be just as effective.

A practical and essential guide to using canine magical energies. Feel the power and freedom as Black Horse, White Horse guides you down the magical path of this most noble animal. A squint-eyed look at what passes for Craft in many modern groups and just how much of the teaching has been dumbed down.

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Examines the elusive path to the Mysteries and what any seeker not necessarily a witch will be required to understand should they wish to start out on the quest. A Magical Anthropology - a historical fact-finding mission to discover when the different aspects of magical influence entered traditional witchcraft. A study of poisonous plants, many of which have beneficial uses in both domestic medicine and magic.

Why we should look upon Yule as one of the most important festivals in the pagan calendar. Angi Maree Novatscou.

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Coarse Witchcraft Trilogy

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