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She consulted a Chinese medium and was told that the spirit of a girl who drowned was trying to get a substitute.

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He succeeded and Amanda no longer has spooky experiences. In , Joanna went to college in Perth, Australia. She moved into a boarding house, and shared a room with two room-mates. One winter evening, she fell asleep in her room. As the days were short in winter, it was dark by 6pm. She woke up in her dark room when a friend called her on the intercom.

When she opened her eyes, the silhouette of a woman with long hair was sitting on her bed and looking at her. Then the apparition walked to the end of my bed as if to leave. But as she was leaving, she glanced directly at me before vanishing through the door! Joanna was too scared to remain in the room and fled barefooted. When she found her room-mates in the canteen, she went ballistic at them. She was angry that they had not switched on the light and had left her sleeping in the dark. She opened her eyes and saw a shadow at a far end of the room.

Scared stiff, she shut her eyes, praying that the ghost would go away and not disturb her. Later on, Joanna found out that the boarding house was next to a crematorium. It was then that the girls realised that their boarding house was haunted. She heaved a huge sigh of relief when she packed her luggage to fly home after she finished her course. The door was always closed and the light switched off when no one was using it. One night, Karen was studying for her exams in bed with her bedside light on while her room-mates were sound asleep. She heard the bathroom door creak open.

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She thought nothing of it at first and continued to study. Then the creaks became louder, as though the door was opening wider. As her eyes fixated on the door, she could feel a gust of wind coming from the toilet and moving past her. So how could the doors open on their own? She quickly went to wake her roommate sleeping in the lower bunk. Her roommate reassured Karen that there was nothing to be afraid of, and offered to swap beds with Karen.

Some nights, in her new upper deck bed, she could feel someone climbing up to her level. Petrified, she would pull her blanket over her head. Traffic was light on the highway as it was close to midnight, and their drive had been an uneventful one so far. It was not in character at all, and he was acting like he was in Fast And Furious. He accelerated to over kph. But then, out of nowhere, it was behind us again. The Beetle had overtaken them so why was it now trailing them? Jackie was determined to see who was driving the old Volkswagen.

Twice, she got a chance to look into it when the Beetle came close to their car.

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On her first attempt, she saw no one behind the wheel but she thought she was mistaken. Mother-of-two Caroline also had a ghostly encounter on the highway while travelling on a night bus. But then, she started getting goose bumps. She knew that the stretch of highway near the Menora Tunnel after Ipoh was rumoured to be haunted as there had been many accidents there. Caroline used to be able to see ghosts when she was young. Her friend was taken aback and insisted that she saw no one.

I too think they were made up stories, you know for the sake of publishing.

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Just a gut feeling because they stories just dont gelled, and imagine than real. Sorry just dont buy it! Believe me, these are not just stories. They are real. I am one Malaysian who had gone through many similar experiences as mentioned in the stories above. I am 52 now and I live to tell my experiences. I have stopped seing ghosts now but my daughter is experiencing them. My son had a real life experience with a mysterious car, which appeared, vanished then suddenly reappeared again, driving back to KL from Penang. This happened either or The ghost car is real.

I remember travelling back to KL with my brother around 10pm. The highway had few cars but were well spaced apart and all travelling within the speed limit. As we approached the climb to Menora Tunnel my brother suddenly cursed and began to accelerate as if chasing a car. Honestly, there was no van.

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I shouted to him to recite prayers and I too began to recite loudly. It worked because he slowed down just before we got to Menora. That lorry appeared to be anxiously trying to overtake my car, as the driver appeared to be in a rush, as can be seen on the side-mirror. I let it over-take but then that lorry just vanished in a big puff of white smoke after that. Hi, Though its exciting…still nothing exciting to those so called creatures…may be residual human energy after death, vampires, deamons and many. They live in other dimension higher than us and can see and watch us clearly mainly at night.

They are never happy and envy us and our world because we human beings live in the best dimension and world. I was fortunate to visit their world in reality and in dreams many times with my consciousness quite awake. They try to communicate with me with signs and remarks that is quite different from us. Hi, my name is William from a small town in Ireland who never really had any ghostly experiences. I regularly keep fit by speed walking and follow the sme journey every morning.

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Before I relate this story I can assure you I neither do drugs or alcohol and am a totally sane person. I was walking a straight path along by the river when I noticed a lady about 50 yards ahead of me wearing leggings trainers and a red fleece jacket short brown hair possibly in her 40s. Anyway she was a human being and she was power walking just like me. Nothing strange about it but 5 seconds later as I looked down on to the path to watch my feet as there was dog dirt on it I looked ahead of me and there was no sign of this lady. I stopped in my tracks and looked everywhere but no sign of this woman.

One night,lying on the grass,staring at some really old stone settlements by the sea,i could see two white misty figures moving to and fro. I became so absorbed with what i saw,that hours passed unnoticed. I have heard some people say that one way to see ghosts is to sit quietly outside at night,and that the moment right between wake and asleep,is the most important moment. I used to work for a famous news publication, where we held walkathons in Penang and Perak.

This was back in or so. On the eve night of the walkathon, I went out for a night out with a friend at the local mamak restaurant. Reached back to the hotel around 1. I showered and got ready to call it a night as we needed to get up around 4. So I duly turned off the bedside lamps and the room was in pitch darkness. What time do we need to go down and meet the rest?

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  4. We will try and respond to your request as soon as reasonably practical. When you receive the information, if you think any of it is wrong or out of date, you can ask us to change or delete it for you. Female Ghost in the Moonlight. School of Katsushika Hokusai, Kaei era to Ansei era Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Christopher Harding. Brought to you by Curio , an Aeon partner. Edited by Sam Dresser. This is a true story. Or so the man who wrote it down wanted his readers to believe.

    Television footage filmed from helicopters revealed familiar points of reference suddenly replaced by vast muddy lakes, as the fabric of everyday life — homes, offices, bridges, vehicles — was broken up and sucked out to sea, or else scattered across a new, barely recognisable landscape. People struggled to reach loved ones, first by phone and later by searching through the debris left behind as the waters receded. Some went on looking for weeks, months, even years, as the toll of the dead and missing rose towards 20, Survivors of the disaster soon began seeing and feeling ghostly presences.

    Men and women dressed in warm clothes at the height of summer, hailing taxis and then disappearing from the back seat. A toy truck, belonging to a young boy killed in the tsunami, pushing itself haltingly around the room. One woman answered her door to a sopping wet stranger, who asked for a change of clothes. She went off to find something. When she came back, a whole host of people were standing there, all of them soaked to the skin. But why would Japan, a country so often associated with a secular, high-tech modernity — the fulfilment of much of what Yanagita had feared — find itself home to all this?

    And what message do they bring? From there, the dead look out for their still-living relatives, providing help and protection. Every year, in summer, they return to this world, welcomed by their families at the festival of Obon with food and drink, fireworks and dancing. People who die suddenly, violently, wronged or alone are another matter.

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    Their unpacified spirits might return to the world of the living in search of satisfaction. The spirits of women in particular have long been a prominent feature in Japanese stories, paintings, woodblock prints and kabuki plays: depicted with gaunt demeanours, empty eyes and long, tangled hair falling over their faces and down onto a white Buddhist burial shroud. Some of the best-known of these ghosts are ubume : women who have died in childbirth.

    One classic tale has a woman wordlessly buying sweets in a shop, dropping a dried-up leaf into the payment jar. Perplexed, the shopkeeper follows her home — to a graveyard, where she disappears over a patch of earth. The sound of crying can be heard underneath. Digging up the soil, the body of the woman is found, clasping a living baby for whom she has been seeking out sustenance. The message in sightings and stories alike was often a moral one.

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    Vivid, compelling accounts of wrongdoing and its consequences served to circulate the essentials of Buddhist teaching among people lacking a formal philosophical education but who possessed a keen appreciation of human frailty along with an appetite for entertainment.

    By this he meant a recent and growing fascination with the problem-solving potential of technocratic objectivity — found most clearly in science and engineering — in the face of which other human ways of knowing and interacting with the world, from intuition to imagination to wonder, were in danger of withering away. Fast-forward a century, and in the shadow of the disasters of — earthquake and tsunami, followed by a nuclear meltdown — the ghosts of Japan seemed once again to be up to something new.

    A narrow road winds around and around, steadily upward through lush forest. The greenery gradually thins out, giving way to a lake set in a lunar landscape of blasted white rock, under an enormous slate-grey sky. The occasional thin spurt of steam escapes from gaps in the rock, while elsewhere pieces are piled upon one another — into mounds about a metre high by several metres wide.

    At first sight, these look like deposits of rubble. In fact, they are cairns, in memory of people who have led the shortest of lives. Young couples pace around them, not saying very much. Something for babies and children to play with, on the other side. Sulphur and incense mix in the air, while a trickle of hot, yellow-tinged water runs beneath a pathway into the temple, built upon wooden stilts. The effect is one of human endeavour eking out a precarious compromise with something utterly alien and overpowering.

    Bodai-ji has been here, in one form or another, for most of the past 1, years. And yet it feels temporary, like it is just visiting. In the wake of March , the dead played all sorts of roles in bringing comfort to the living. In some quarters, sightings of loved ones who had passed away were understood in terms of secular psychological theories of bereavement and grief. Whereas the festival of Obon is a celebration of business successfully concluded — the living and the dead doing right by one another, in a reasonably settled relationship — the tsunami created sudden ruptures that were very hard to heal.

    There had rarely been time for goodbyes. He gives the example of a woman who died in the tsunami, leaving behind her husband and her nursery-age daughter.