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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Fait Accompli disambiguation. Language portal French language and French-speaking world portal. See also: Category:French words and phrases. Athabasca University. Burchfield, Clarendon Press, Oxford, , p. Lawless French. Retrieved December 31, Oxford Dictionaries - English. Retrieved April 14, To his host's question about what a certain individual was like, Waugh replied characteristically, 'a pansy with a stammer'. Geoffrey Roger. The langues de France and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: keeping ratification at bay through disinformation — Abstract: The political deliberations in France surrounding the potential ratification of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages from January to October resulted in a national debate unheard of since , providing new insight into resistance towards promoting these languages in the public space.

Introduction The European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, signed by France in May , has never since been ratified as it was declared unconstitutional by the Conseil Constitutionnel the following month. Methodology and theoretical approach What follows is a critical review of the arguments made during this constitutional battle by those elected representatives most committed against it.

The speakers transcend the left-right divide, but are united by their Jacobin and nationalistic agendas. The purpose of this article is to provide a baseline for comparison with previous debates on the same issue, as well as contradicting evidence from language policy and revitalisation scholarship. In this instance, prominent intellectuals and politicians were observed to comfortably ignore the arguments developed in the reports — the seriousness and moderation of which I have just mentioned — and recite a bunch of preconceptions fuelled by ignorance and contempt for linguistic and cultural otherness — The sections below categorise the different discursive strategies used by the speakers in order to oppose the bill, in articulation with the dominant language ideologies they reproduce.

The Republic protects regional languages. I therefore do not accept the caricature that would have us believe that the French Republic suppresses or holds these languages in contempt. That is not true! Since the s, France has adopted a legislative framework which supports regional languages. On that matter she was, and still is today, ahead of many European countries. It is by insisting on the maintenance of the legislative status quo, and refusing any progress, that opponents actually revealed their true agenda, the outcome of which is the exclusion of minority language speakers from political and economic power.

Nowadays, French regional languages are doing well and receive substantial support from public authorities, that enables , children to be taught a regional language.

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We are far from the Jacobin persecution that is mechanically alluded to by advocates of regional languages. One only has to compare how much healthier Basque and Catalan are across the Pyrenees to gauge how inadequate French revitalisation initiatives are Williams The same goes for audio-visual media, despite it being recognised as essential for uniting speakers around their languages Moriarty Finally, however positive a message bilingual signage sends to the communities concerned, one should not be over-enthusiastic about the ability of such measures to slow down the current reduction in numbers of speakers.

Language planning experts are familiar with what amounts here to a budgetary objection, such as is usually proven to be widely exaggerated: The costs of language policies are largely unknown, and are liable to be the stuff of wild fantasies — usually in the form of cataclysmic expectations of uncontrollable expenditure if diversity-preserving policy measures were adopted. Where figures exist, they yield a sobering picture. Where evaluations have been made, they point in the direction of a 3—4 percent range, because even if the education system were to remain monolingual, children would have to be schooled anyway.

Therefore, only comparatively modest additional financial outlays need to be factored in. Meanwhile, countless public funding goes to promoting French in France and abroad education, audio-visual production, cultural diplomacy, publishing and press subsidies, creative awards to French language products, etc. For some communities, such support might actually help reduce other public expenditure on health and welfare, by curbing the symptoms of societal collapse depression, suicide, alcohol- and drug-abuse that often coincide with the brutal shift to a dominant language Chandler and Lalonde , Kress , Caro Et 75 versions de nos formulaires administratifs!

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And 75 different translations of our administrative forms! Car avec la ratification il faudra en dresser la liste. Because ratifying the Charter will mean having to list them all. Have you read the Cerquiglini report commissioned by Mr Jospin which you cite in the explanatory statement?

It lists seventy-five regional and minority languages! In fact, as explained above and as far as administrative matters are concerned, the thirty-nine requirements selected within the Charter by the French authorities merely require the translation of a handful of official documents. Article 1.

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This Charter paves the way for granting extensive rights to non-territorial languages such as Arabic or Romany. An official report submitted to the Minister of Culture last July reveals that public policies are already being revised to that end. Au nom de quoi toutes ces langues seraient-elles exclues? Perhaps Chinese, Turkish, and other languages with large groups of speakers will also have to be included.

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What would justify these languages being excluded? If they are, sooner or later, someone, some day, some group, some minority will bring the case before the European Court of Human Rights under Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Notre pays a-t-il vraiment besoin de cette nouvelle discrimination volontaire? Languages spoken by migrants or their descendants are excluded from the Charter.

This definition is seriously debatable and problematic for republicans committed to our principles, regardless of the territory where they apply.

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The way in which the use, the promotion and the teaching of Arabic are dealt with nowadays in France seems to me to be just as decisive as that of regional languages. Yet it is completely overlooked by those advocating this bill. Their invocation of linguistic diversity appears multifaceted. Ratifying the Charter would thus drive the country to new absurd divisions between immigrants and non-immigrants, this time regarding the status of the languages they speak.

Does our country really need this new intentional discrimination? All three quotes essentially engage in scaremongering through the distortion of arguments in favour of promoting regional languages, with a view to preventing their most minimal implementation. It is the French language that has enabled the assimilation process to work. Does the inability of some of our youth to master its basics not play a part in the breakdown of national feeling that we lament today? France must also rise to the challenge of integrating immigrant populations that have difficulties in finding their place in our society and our nation.

Highlighting regional identities and recreating groups of native speakers is truly a bad idea when it is necessary to reaffirm the republican model, the greatness and burden of which lie in its ability to pass over individual identities. Though is not uncommon, indeed, for minority language activists to also be nationalists, we can wonder if separatism is more likely to be caused by the recognition of language rights or by their non-recognition. There are many examples of states that are officially multilingual and yet show little signs of separatism e.

To renounce it would lead to unmanageable situations for local administrations and authorities, and absurd divisions and misunderstandings between constituents. What you are rejecting is the principle of unity and indivisibility of the Nation; what you are attacking is the principle of republican equality; what you are refusing is the authority of a State that expresses the common good that belongs to each citizen. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later.

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