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A sweet part is where she has been writing back and forth with an older man.

I found that part to be sweet and endearing. One-night Julia goes to a party and realizes that she is a lesbian. From there Julia goes on a journey - mainly a sexual journey. As she explores her sexuality a vast cast of characters enter her life and she experience new things: not only sex with women but BDSM and open relationships.

She enters one relationship with a dominant woman named Sam where she is manipulated, mistreated and abused. What is good about this book is that it shows the many facets of Julia's personality, i. The reader is shown her relationship with her roommate and her co-workers. Julia seems stronger in these relationships and surer of herself. In her romantic relationship, she begins as naive and doesn't stand up for herself due to her wanting to be loved and desired. Be warned, there is sexual content in this book. You may learn more about dildos and fisting than you wanted to know.

For me this was good and not great. I think the Author shows promise and I found her chapter headings to be very clever.

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Thank you to the Author and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and goodreads who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own. View all 6 comments. Jayme Excellent review!

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You have let me know that this one is not for me! Much appreciated! Jul 04, AM. Debra Jayme wrote: "Excellent review! Jul 04, PM. This is a hilarious book with a somewhat dirty sex description in every chapter. Beware of the inevitable tears at the end, though! Thank you NetGalley for this one-night-stand page-turner adventure in exchange for my honest review. Funny, crude and startlingly open, this is a contemporary novel about a young woman named Julia discovering her sexuality which happens surprisingly quickly and beginning a life as a queer woman.

But then, as you get further through the book, you lose the 'modern Bridget Jones' vibe and it becomes darker, more uncomfortab I was very kindly given an e-arc of this book through Netgalley and HarperCollins UK. But then, as you get further through the book, you lose the 'modern Bridget Jones' vibe and it becomes darker, more uncomfortable and increasingly more volatile.

There are a lot of issues with this book. I understand that the author herself is queer, but there are some serious ignorances in this story, particularly towards BDSM. There's one instance where Julia's partner forces into a rape-fantasy scenario without asking for her explicit consent, even before hand. The language is coded, suggesting 'You'll like it' or 'You want to do it', and that made me feel ridiculously uncomfortable.

It often felt closer to Fifty Shades horror than genuine SM work. Also, the main characters are utter trash. There's unlikeable, and then there's plain psychopathic. Sam, the 'girlfriend', repeatedly manipulates Julia, sexually, verbally and emotionally. At the end of the book, she even threatens to kill herself.

There's no subtlety to this book at all, and you just feel angry instead of any other emotion. Some positives: it's genuinely funny. I think there is potential, but it was being dark for the sake of being controversial. I can see how people were turned off by this book and couldn't read it. It should probably come with a huge trigger warning slapped across the front of the cover.

Also this book is way, way, way too cavalier about fisting. View all 3 comments. Follow Julia who is 26 years old and is single. She lives in London but has not had sex for 3 years. Julia decides her dry patch has lasted for too long and jumps In at the Deep End to have some fun in her life.

I was really attracted to the cover of this book. It shows two red chilli peppers arranged together to let the reader imagine they were labia. The writing style within this b Follow Julia who is 26 years old and is single. The writing style within this book is jolly and the mild humour will make you smile.

For example… Staring into my eyes, he went to push himself into me. He missed. He picked up his penis and guided himself in, frowning as though he was trying to assemble a particularly tricky piece of IKEA furniture. It does not matter what gender or sexuality the reader has, because Julia tries many, many things for the first time and like her, you can enjoy what happens like a virgin too.

I liked how this novel was not just about sex. Character development of Julia was very good and I found it very easy to enter her world of work, flat sharing, friends and family. Kate is a great storyteller and her book is an intelligent read. I loved all the observations and social commentary. I found the novel to be very well written and although there was a fair amount of sex within the pages, there was no dumbing down of language or content.

This is a quality read that I found to be enjoyable, fun and informative. In at the Deep End guides you into a lesbian lifestyle and demystifies how women can find love. This book allows the reader to access a lifestyle they may have no knowledge about, it is a kind of Lesbians for Beginners. I now know the importance of a toaster to lesbians. Because of my age, work, family and friends, I already knew there were many different types of lesbians but this book also mentions by name the different types.

Going about your everyday life would you be able to spot the differences between butches, femmes, pillow queens and bull dykes? I thought the explanation of polygamy within the lesbian scene to be very helpful to heterosexual readers. I thought polygamists were just greedy people who wanted lots and lots of sex, with one partner never being enough for them.

It would be like only eating cheese sandwiches for the rest of your life. I loved reading In at the Deep End and found it a pleasure to read. For an author to make the reader feel they are the central character of a novel is really good. I felt really included and could live out a lesbian sex life from the comfort of my armchair. I thoroughly enjoyed reading In at the Deep End, so it gets the top score of 5 stars from me. Only thing is trying to keep a straight face when moving past red chilli peppers in ASDA but I can live with that. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher HarperCollins UK for giving me a copy of this book on the understanding that I provide an honest review.

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Jun 05, Allison rated it liked it. I sped through this book. There was one particularly cringe-worthy scene towards the end where one of the characters was racist against Mexicans.

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I'm in between two and three stars As of next week, I'm 30 years old, but I rarely read books about marriage, divorce, affairs, mortgages, or having children. I'm still on that millennial bridge between teenager and adult, and enjoy books about young people like me, such as Tiffy and Leon in The Flatshare — people who are still figuring out life, discovering who they are, and working on their career, friendships and relationships, but who never feel like they know what they're doing.

Continue reading this review over on Pretty B As of next week, I'm 30 years old, but I rarely read books about marriage, divorce, affairs, mortgages, or having children. Continue reading this review over on Pretty Books. I really went on a journey with Julia, the protagonist, she changed and developed and became such a better character than she started off as.

Quite early on in this book after some slightly awkward encounters with men, Julia decides she may very well be a lesbian and after exploring a bit, she confirms her thinking. I liked that the blurb didn't really give too much away abo Oh my gosh, I LOVED this book, the kind of love where I didn't want it to end and I was walking around with it glued to me.

I liked that the blurb didn't really give too much away about this, this development came as a surprise to me and it made me love the book even more. It was refreshing and insightful and I certainly learnt a thing or two whilst reading it. Now if you're not a fan of reading about sex, then this book probably isn't for you.

It becomes quite graphic at times describing what Julia gets up to in bed with various other participants. It covers an unspoken world of sex clubs and threesomes, which I think is really important to be covered in popular literature. There was no holding back about the sex in this book and for that reason I loved it! It discussed very real issues that people may think they are alone in, for that I praise it!

This book was fun and easy to read, set mainly in London, I enjoyed seeing city living and fueling my own wishes to live in England's capital. I loved the dynamics of all of the characters, they were all extremely accurate and real, if you didn't guess, the realistic writing in this book has been a huge plus for me! Basically this book was a refreshing and sexy adventure where Julia can really discover herself. I loved it from start to finish and I would definitely advise anyone picking it up! Book reviews on www.

Julia r Book reviews on www. It made me laugh at countless points, and most importantly it made me really care about Julia and what might happen to her as well as being entertaining to read. It's also very crude at times, which just made me love this novel - and Julia - even more. Frank and funny are two excellent indicators of a brilliant book!

In at the Deep End is a fun, straight-talking and entertaining read with some brilliant characters. It's easily a five-star read for me and I'll definitely be reading more from Kate Davies in the future! Many thanks to The Borough Press for providing a copy of this book on which I chose to write an honest and unbiased review. Jun 05, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: arc. Julia experiments with sex with a girl and realizes she is actually a lesbian. The book examines ideas of what it means to be gay, to be a feminist, what abusive relationships actually look like.

There is a lot you can unpack from what is wr In At the Deep End is about Julia, a twenty something sexually frustrated woman living in London. There is a lot you can unpack from what is written. I liked Julia and really enjoyed her friends, particularly Dave, Owen, and Alice. Her relationship with her parents was lovely and real. The next morning, Margaret discovers Reese's body on the beach.

Margaret removes the body and dumps it in a cove but it is soon discovered and the police investigate it as a homicide. Margaret struggles unsuccessfully to get the money. Nagle corners and beats Margaret but Alek arrives and the two men scuffle, and Alek strangles Nagle.

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Margaret attempts to take responsibility for Nagle's death, but Alek takes the body away in Nagle's car. As Margaret and her son drive looking for Nagle's car, they see it overturned in a ditch. Margaret attempts to free Alek, who is critically injured.

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Alek pleads with her to leave before the police arrive. Margaret stays until Alek dies. Back at home, Margaret, in a state of distress, is comforted by Beau. The camera then pulls back, as the scene shifts to the exterior of the house, the audience hears another phone call coming in from the absent husband, which Beau's sister answers. The black bars on the sides have also been removed. This should make it easy to record gameplay or spectate.

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