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Still some effectiveness up to 4 hours post burn.

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At least 20 minutes of cold running water. Remove clothes.

Need to avoid Hypothermia though! Gels e. Dressings for Burns Rule of nine 30 Managing the burn wound - considerations Surgery vs. Depths of burn 33 Assessment of burn depth 35 Easy when very superficial or full-thickness Harder when intermediate or mixed Why excise the burn? Burn wound is a focus for sepsis Burn stimulates inflammatory mediators Deep burns cannot heal without grafts Possible effect on future scar quality but Non full-thickness burns may heal spontaneously Superficial burns heal with acceptable scars Excised burn wound must be closed Major burn surgery is hazardous 36 For small burns Excision and grafting as soon as clearly non-healing 39 Tangential burn excision and split skin grafting 41 Excision to fascia 42 Desirable surgical management Excision of all non-shallow burns as soon as practicable in as few stages as possible Closure of excised wounds with autograft, allograft or artificial material Definitive wound closure 44 Scar management The potential problem 46 Scar management Splintage 48 Pressure garments Almost universally used Apparently effective Many published observations 49 Pressure garments Aids to compliance 50 Upcoming SlideShare.

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Trauma Program and Outreach

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ATLS 10th edition offers new insights into managing trauma patients

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Parkland Formula for Burns

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Burns management

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