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Ottawa Senators sign defenceman Christian Wolanin to two-year contract. Load Error. Read more. Did you find the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. I'm already a fan, don't show this again. Across the years, the Organization has advanced human well-being and established solid frameworks of international law and human rights. Yet we have also seen the limits of what the UN can do -- and tragic examples of the pain human beings will inflict on each other.

Today, the UN continues to reflect its Member States in all their shades, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Making of a Diplomat - Hone Your Skills

To many it may look dysfunctional. I ask you, can the phoenix rise from the ashes? It is a heavy lift, but I am hopeful. Because our global village has a town hall, where shoulder-to-shoulder we can lift the burden together. What are some of the key ingredients to succeed? We will need to be truthful, committed, passionate, pragmatic, solution oriented, with a good dose pragmatism and regular reality checks. Always with our feet on the ground and our gaze to the stars.

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You question may be how will this be done. I would posit by a recalibration of our modus operandi. We will need new ways of thinking and working in multilateralism. How do we navigate the global interests in a context in which common sense is no longer common and in a world in which our universal core values are at risk of disintegrating? Human trafficking, illicit flows, guns and drugs are fuelling terrorism. Our Youth is recruited not for jobs but to destroy their future and take many more with them. In Myanmar, where more than , Rohingya Muslims have fled as refugees to neighbouring Bangladesh in recent months, our dilemma is stemming the reality of ethnic cleansing and the threat of refugees fleeing.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country with the highest number of internally displaced people, the transition to the next government is a challenge in a country that was once the rape capital of the world — if DRC goes 9 countries are at risk. And in the European Union, xenophobia and nationalism have seen a disturbing rise and pose a threat to democracy, the rule of law and the very foundation on which Human rights were built.

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At the United Nations, being fit for purpose for these challenges will be embodied in the reforms of the Secretary-General as we present them over the next few months. Covering a wide range of topics, intriguing and interesting, it is a must read both for aspiring diplomats as well as globe-trotters who would find many useful tips on life and living abroad.

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Veteran diplomats should not skip a read either since it would help them revive and relive cherished moments during their professional lives. About the Author After joining the Indian Foreign Service in , the author in over three and a half decades of his diplomatic career, half of it in the Ambassadorial rank, served in important positions both at home and abroad. Since retirement he and his wife divide their time between Delhi and their cottage in the Kumaon hills pursuing various interests including writing.

Both are published authors. Explore Plus.